A Beginners Guide To Spanking and Why I love To Be Spanked

This is a guide for beginners in spanking whether you are the one spanking or the one being spanked.

If you have never been properly spanked then in my opinion you do not know what you are missing as it is something I do not think I could live without, but why, I hear you ask do you enjoy being spanked and what made you want to be spanked in the first place?,well I will try to explain. Knowing I was female but bought up as a boy had enough complications to begin with, my father would sit my sister on his lap giving her a fatherly cuddle and kiss but when I tried to get close to him he would push me away and tell me to stop being silly, boys were not cuddled like girls he would say. As I grew up I began to learn that if I was naughty he would drag me to my room and spank me and as it was the only way I got contact with him I would be more and more naughty in order to get spanked, then when I started Secondary Modern school I had a crush on the headmaster, a tall man who wore half spectacles and always looked in control, any boys that were naughty would have to go to his office and have their trousers pulled down while laying across his desk then get six strokes of the cane. I would lie in bed of a night and have fantasies about lying across his desk and having my panties pulled down and being caned but in truth I was bought up to be polite and respectful of elders so I could never be naughty enough to warrant a caning, I would see boys waiting outside his office for their punishment and despite a few lectures from him it was as close as I ever got to punishment.

I did not receive my first ever sexual spanking until after my gender reassignment surgery, I had been going out with my boyfriend for several months and trusted him completely so one day told him of my desire to be spanked, as he is such a nice man he was very unsure about,what he thought was hurting me, but eventually he agreed. The first time he spanked I dressed in a school uniform and he pretended to be the headmaster, he held me over his knee and gave me a gentle spanking through my skirt but I was rude to him and pretended to struggle and told him his spankings were pathetic so he hit me harder. When he lifted my skirt, I could feel the pleasure running through my pussy and had my first orgasm as his hand made contact with the cheeks of my bottom, he then slowly pulled my panties down and began spanking me harder, the more he spanked me the wetter I was becoming, he was still nervous about hurting me and was caressing the cheeks of my bottom and then we had the most amazing sex we have ever had with me having multiple orgasms. We have since added various cuffs and paddles to our collection and a while ago he treated me to a proper school cane which feels incredible. This as built up bit by bit but I still keep pushing him to be firmer and firmer with me. A week ago I sent him a book I had downloaded by a lady called Suzee Moon, who like myself adores punishment and after reading it he agreed to try different tactics, so a  couple of days ago without saying anything he pulled me over his knee and held my legs in place with his other leg so I could not move, he spanked my 30-40 times through my skirt before lifting it and spanking me through my panties another thirty times or so. when he pulled my panties down the juices were running down my legs and I desperately needed to touch myself but as I bought my hand between my legs he grabbed my arm and forced it behind my back. The force of  his hand was getting firmer and firmer and every time he made contact with the back of my pussy I would have another orgasm. He then pulled me into the bedroom and forced me across the bed and then started to use a leather paddle on me, the intense pain was glorious and the sheer thought of how my bottom must look bought wave after wave of pleasure, I was screaming with delight and the whole of my pussy was throbbing, then without warning he turned me over onto my back and rammed his cock up my pussy to the full length, he was obviously as turned on as I was and fucked me like a steam train until I felt his hot cum squirting into my soaking wet pussy and then I had a full body orgasm and collapsed in a heap, it was such a powerful orgasm I nearly fainted, Then for some strange reason I had a powerful desire to eat chocolate so I got two pieces of dark chocolate and climbed on top of him then put one piece into his mouth and a piece into my own mouth, as the taste hit my tongue I had a huge orgasm and squirted all over his legs and soaked the bed sheets, at this stage I was incapable of moving and lay there for ages with my body tingling with pleasure. My bottom was bright red for ages afterwards and two days later I still have the bruises to show for it.  

As I said at the beginning there is no pleasure for me quite like a good spanking but if you are going to do it for the first time there are a few grounds rules you must set, Firstly NEVER force anyone to do anything they do not want to do and obviously I am not talking about role-play where one partner is pretending they do not want something to happen. decide in advance how much pain you think you can take, then once you are both happy with that build it up until you are happy within your limits, I myself have never come anywhere near my limits and still to achieve my ultimate fantasy of being made to cry. If you are going to use anything other than your hand think carefully about what you want to achieve with paddles etc. One of the best and easily available items to use is a paddle hair brush, it feels fantastic and won’t arouse awkward questions if left lying around, a large round leather paddle will not only feel great but will spread the area of pain around so less likely to leave lasting marks. I own a leather strap which is approx 18in in length and delivers some really great pleasure and pain if used right and my favourite instrument is my schoolcane but it will almost certainly leave stripe marks which I personally love to look at in the mirror afterwards. For the person doing the spanking you must be totally trustworthy and respect your partner, if they say stop and mean it then stop immediately. Alter the speed of the spanks because spank after spank at the same speed will not do any good, the anticipation of speed and force is a big part of the pleasure. If you decide to use cuffs/ropes etc make them so they can be removed easily in the unfortunate event of an emergency or panic by the person being punished and if you use gags of any sort arrange an easily understood password or signal beforehand. If your partner is anything like me (and trust me there are a lot around like me) then PLEASE give her the punishment she deserves because I get very  frustrated by only having a gentle soft spanking and feel it a waste of time afterwards.

Be warned guys you could well be unleashing a beast that you will not be able to control.

Be safe and have fun. Sophie.XXX   


One thought on “A Beginners Guide To Spanking and Why I love To Be Spanked

  1. I was just googling myself out of curiosity and found your blog.
    I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to read it! I’ve not written anything about spanking for ages, so lovely to have been an inspiration. I fully endorse your advice. Also better to be slightly disappointed the first time than be put off – An over-enthusiastic stroke of the cane can be a passion killer!
    Much love,

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